Hipsters, Addiction, Poverty, Investing, and Saving Money

addiction, roped hands

Hipsters are not immune to the problems of society. Like everyone else, there are problems like addiction and poverty in their community. Sometimes, these two problems are intertwined. A person’s addiction can lead to an inability to hold a job. This inevitably leads to poverty or worse.

Hipsters and Addiction

Hipsters are like other people, whether they admit it or not. Some of them even like the same drugs that other people like. For many of these people, occasional recreational drug use does not disrupt their lives in major ways. Like others, they eventually outgrow most experimentation as life starts to happen. But for some hipsters, addiction becomes a major problem. Drug use doesn’t end with smoking a jay. Rather, it spirals into whatever they’re able to get their hands on. Sometimes, this means dangerous opioids. Some of them are able to recover through the use of prescription drug programs. Others are able to benefit from holistic remedies like kratom. A few don’t make it.

Hipsters and Poverty

Many hipsters have a firm grasp on their finances. They’ve got steady jobs, and they’re able to sock away a few bucks. Some of them are investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Others may dive into more traditional investments like stocks, bonds, and precious metals. But then, there are those who don’t have any savings.

Hipsters who aren’t able to save money will inevitably find themselves in poverty. This is especially true if their poverty is compounded by problems associated with drug addiction. Money is spent on opioids, rather than rent and food, and the cycle continues.

A Solution to Poverty and Addiction

There may be no solution to either of these problems. However, they can be managed. Hipsters with addiction problems can start by getting help. They can find doctors and communities that want to help them overcome their demons. That first step is the hardest, but it is the most necessary step on the road to recovery. From there, poverty can be overcome, Addiction can be overcome. And eventually, they too may find a few dollars to put into crypto and other investments.

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